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Patricia Grace sounds more noble than I am, Lord knows I try. I am an RN and a retired nurse educator. At the age of 9 I walked through the neighborhood with a home made, cardboard notebook writing odes to a broken down pony named Skeeter, and short stories about everyday life such as our garbage can that my dad backed over (in my story it was recycled into tin soldiers for a little boy with no toys). What can I say, I worked with what I had. As an adult I observed our children and wondered what their futures held. After reading that our authentic selves are revealed when we are very young, I called my mom (I so miss her) to ask how it was that I never followed my writing path. She didn't hesitate a moment, "As the oldest of our 6 kids, I needed you. You didn't have time for that; you were too busy caring for us!" So...I became a nurse. I've always been a writer, just one that took care of people first. I never figured out how to do it all...but with some loving mentors, I'm learning. That's what we late bloomers do~

Season’s Reasons

It’s late afternoon and I’m  sitting on sandy, beach steps that lead out to balmy Miami Beach while my beautiful grand daughter sleeps in her stroller next to me. I am feeling blessed and beyond happy. I arrived here after … Continue reading

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Well….this is it – my last official day. It feels….ok. Maybe that’s because I’ve already agreed to help orient the new students for a couple of days in the beginning of winter quarter. It’s not easy to say “no” and … Continue reading

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Tattoo, Austin

One category that I’ve included on my blog is: Haven’t Been There/Haven’t Done That. The posts that fit one or the other OR both will be tagged there. I think that at this stage of my life I need to push … Continue reading

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Pro Crastinator

I am a PROcrastinator….not an amatuer-crastinator. I know I am not alone. I am so passionate about this that I even procrastinate about procrastinating – I had to go to bed last night before finishing this post. What I SHOULD … Continue reading

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A Whole Other Ball of Park – the beginning

“I want to be a nurse”, she said, “when I grow up.” Continue reading

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