All The Usual Suspects

To help keep the cast of characters straight in the off chance I am not related to you please note the regular offenders below:

Patti Grace – It’s my blog, yo.

Apu – My late (no he is not tardy) husband and the father of ALL three of our children

Bianca – Our oldest
Mike – her husband (our  son-in-love)
Magnolia Moon – their daughter, our ONLY grand child

Andre – Our son
Mariana – his wife (our daughter-in-love)

Anya – Our youngest
Gui – her husband (our son-in-love)

Scout – My faithful four-legged buddy

Baby – My African Grey Parrot

Owls – Are often a part of my life. To understand fully  Click Here

Stay tuned, you may find your name added to the list!