Season’s Reasons

It’s late afternoon and I’m  sitting on sandy, beach steps that lead out to balmy Miami Beach while my beautiful grand daughter sleeps in her stroller next to me. I am feeling blessed and beyond happy. I arrived here after flying corner to corner across the country to celebrate the New Year  with part of my family. (They were flying in from Christmas in the Caribbean- I know, rough life) The other family members are in Southern California and the beautiful Pacific Northwest – wish we could be all together for every holiday but I guess that would be greedy.  Shame on me for having so much and wishing for more.   

I am writing this post on my phone and trying to wrap my head around the wonders of modern technology (as I do about 10 times a day). Four days ago I was sluicing down a snowy mountain with temperatures in the teens and today I am blogging on the beach in 80 degree Miami. Mind officially blown.  

Most of the family spent a beautiful Christmas together in a snug, serene cabin in the Cascade mountains dressed in winter white. It was truly beautiful with less emphasis on gifts and more on just being together. This Season was filled with colleagues, friends, and family. There were several celebrations in many different forms:  Get-togethers  with family/friends, gifts donated for special giving trees, holy communion brought to my sick friend in the hospital, quiet morning, weekday masses, and yes a little shopping but not  much. Entertainment was in abundance and I soaked up all that I could: Our annual Christmas Tea at the historic Sorrento Hotel (where I met my husband), an incredible musical – “Come From Away”,  Seattle’s new Balanchine version of the Nutcracker, but none was so enjoyed as my favorite grade school’s Christmas program, Baby Jesus and all.  One of my happiest moments was Christmas caroling in my condominium building for my neighbors with a small group of gradeschool girls who sang their hearts outs. One man was so touched he wept. Then we went back to my place for hot chocolate and cookies – and more singing. 

I awoke Christmas morning, a few days later, to icicles hanging off the cabin roof and several inches of new powder snow. My youngest daughter accompanied me to Christmas mass at our Lady of the Snows church in Leavenworth Washington. That was my big gift. Her husband is from Brazil and had never experienced snow before but his surfing skills kicked in on his first snowboard run the day after Christmas. I’ll never forget the grin on his face.

 So as this Christmas season 2015 comes to a close, I can see that there are many reasons for the Season and I feel like, this year –  I got it just about right.


Irene and Lori, colleagues/ friends


Penny and Theresa (below ) my 2 oldest friends



My Gal Pals -how lucky am I?!


The PNW Nutcracker


Holy Rosary Pageant


my sister, Carla, & nephew


Vera & my sis


Dickens Carolers @ our Sorrento Tea

Christmas at Lake Wenatchee

Securing the tree (hope the pass opens)


Traditional dinner prep

The gang is ready!


Our Charlie Brown cabin Christmas tree





“Take No Prisioners ” Hearts ❤️

    Christmas morning


My Scout


Brothets-in-law Andre & Gui

  From my writing desk in Miami- Happy New Year!💗 


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2 Responses to Season’s Reasons

  1. Lisa Burrell says:

    Happy new year ~ beautiful pix!


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