Pro Crastinator

I am a PROcrastinator….not an amatuer-crastinator. I know I am not alone.

I am so passionate about this that I even procrastinate about procrastinating – I had to go to bed last night before finishing this post. What I SHOULD be doing is the final evaluations of each of my students and preparing for their end-of-the quarter conferences that I’ve scheduled for right after Thanksgiving. This happens every quarter (ok, a little in-between too).

IMG_4681This process involves going over all of their nursing process plans (already graded), patient data that they’ve gathered,  reviewing the outcomes that are  required in order to move forward, AND writing my critique of their performance. This is a task that I do not take lightly considering all of the hard work they’ve put in, and is also one of the few things I will NOT miss as I retire. I will miss them, not the paperwork – no surprise there. I do want to honor and respect their effort with diligence of my own but……

……what I AM doing is everything else!!! Once I actually get started on an individual student’s folder I am pretty much golden for the duration of that one, BUT when it’s completed I feel like I’ve earned a few days off – at least a nap and a chocolate dipped ice-cream cone…..but I hardly have time for that. I need to get these things done before I fly off to Texas to have Thanksgiving with my youngest daughter’s Brazilian in-laws. (Now that will be a story to report – it’s their first! Plus I’m bringing the rest of my family with me. Sure hope they know that!) I am looking at a folder right in front of me, but so far, today, this is what I’ve accomplished:IMG_4677

*I slept in until 8am (it is Saturday after all). The shock is that my trusty pooch and all around BBF (best buddy forever) allowed me to slumber that long. She has an early morning strategy, but that’s another story….
*I am lucky enough to have access to a little garden area at my condo, so while still clad in my fuzzy blue robe I take Scout out to do her morning toilette first thing. This morning while we were at it I decided to plant a few tulip bulbs. Nevermind that there was literally frost on my left-over Halloween pumpkin – I’m sure there are rules about that. I don’t know how I managed the large yard at my old house. Well, my husband helped a bit – then there was that landscape company.
47b7d722b3127cce98548811788000000047101AbMWbNw2asd*The morning was a flurry of round-robin family texts regarding the final moments of our beloved chihuahua, Mikey. He is (*spoiler alert -was) 16yrs old. He originally belonged to my mom, but when she died 14 yrs ago our youngest daughter (who is now a large animal vet) adopted him. Today he left us to join the kids’ Nana and the years of memories and, yes, stories will linger, but just now we all feel a bit tender. So I moped and everything just took longer. Then I realized that if I want anything to wear this week I better do some laundry….
FullSizeRender*I had a date with my elderly neighbor (who I lovingly refer to, behind her back, as the condo’s “grand dame.” She cleverly conned me into entering our little town’s annual scarecrow contest with a submission from our place of residence. Well I’ll be damned, we won 3rd place so I HAD to take her to the reception, this morning, to accept our award. She has big ideas for next year and I am dutifully taking notes.
*Once I had my dear neighbor, her walker, and our scarecrows ( they were also invited) safely back home I noted that I still had time to make my “pretend grand-daughter’s (yes, there’s a story) volley ball game, but…….
*On the way to the game I encountered a young man herding one border collie (kind of ironic) in the middle of the highway while holding another one on a leash. I pulled to the side, put on my hazards and ran to help him. When I asked if the loose pooch was his he told me “no” that it had just fallen out of the back of a pick-up truck that kept going. A third good Samaritan sped off in his SUV to try to track down the owner of the truck. We did a quick physical assessment and miraculously he (we found out, his name is Bandit) was not badly hurt. I parked my car more safely and hurried back to help secure Bandit just as the young guy found a dog tag. I called the number, but had to leave a message. Boiling with anger at the thought of anyone leaving their animal in the open back of a truck, I controlled myself with the task at hand. We certainly didn’t know what actually had happened and I cautioned the young man (and myself) not to jump to conclusions. The SUV driver returned, unsuccessful in finding the truck, and the three of us were making our next plan when my phone rang. The woman on the other end was SO frantic that I forgot how mad I was and tried to calm her, reassuring her that Bandit looked surprisingly good (as far as I knew), and giving her directions so she and her husband could backtrack. The moment they pulled in I saw the open-door of the crate in back and knew exactly what had happened. They’d loaded Bandit quickly as they were about to drive off of the local ferry and failed to secure the latch properly. I left the men to clear up the details…..and took off, you know….for volleyball.
*I did manage to make the last game, hugged all three of my pretend grandchildren (I’ll fill you in later) blew kisses to the rest of their family and rushed home to, well…uh…work on my students’ folders. BUT THEN the owner of Bandit called….I guess she took me seriously when I asked her to let me know what their vet said. Can you imagine that she actually interrupted my important work….?! He’s okay, by the way. I also HAD to make a call to my own veterinary-daughter to let her know that while one dog left us today ….another one lived to see new adventures – to attach himself to more memories and create future stories to tell.

Well I guess I better get a crack-a-lackin’! I do have some work to do before I have to get fancy-dressed up for the symphony tonight. Oh, it’s still daylight……I have plenty of time…..where the heck did I put the rest of those tulip bulbs?!

PS-For follow ups on the above….and more posts to come, please feel free to safely leave your email address on the lower-right side of this site. Future posts will automatically be emailed to you. Thanks for stopping by, I can use all the interruptions I can find. pg





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3 Responses to Pro Crastinator

  1. Genevieve says:

    What a delight! …to have you comment on my blog, but MORE SO to read yours ❤
    It sounds like you're still yourself…hehe. I sure don't miss those late nights doing process papers.ugh and double ugh! Happy Turkey Day.


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